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The more you learn the less you know
The more you gain the less you got
By yourself against all odds
But all you want is to live your way
Can't fight Mother Nature, whatever you are is what you'll really be
No matter the mask you wear, the words you say, you can't lie to me
This is what I mean, you don't have to act or play another role
You only should be yourself, whatever you are, whatever the people say

Say bad about you
Don't mind and don't cry it's not true

The more you talk the more they say
The more you look the less you see
By yourself you gotta fight
All you need is to see the light
You ain't nothing but, you act like if you're the main star
This has been your defect, with your feet, that never touch the ground
Where's the tragedy?
You shouldn't cry, these are normal things
If you wanna get rid of them, just listen to me, never mind what they say

Say bad about you
Don't mind and don't cry it's not true

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