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Sphacelate Metastasized Inevitable

No refuge from hand of doom, prosecutor has come
Planet is wrapped up in a gloom, everything goes down
Blood and sweat, cries of dead
It's a diabolical feast
Seance of dread drives us mind
It's the age of fire, the eclipse
Moulding infant corpses
With sarcastic faces .Rot on the shouldering coal
And consentrate our souls .Palsied and wretched eyes, search for another life
It's the price the human pay .For being so consumed
There ain't much to save, the bell is ringing
Condemned to the eternal suffering, senseless existence of life
Is in possession of fire realm power
Endless monarchy of souls eternally
I see your state before your death
And the endless agony will obsess all souls
When the sky flames up, there'll start a bloody rain
And believers graves will burn in flames of hate

Sadistic orgies will open wounds in human's hearts
All will choke with their own blood
Legions of soundless bodies will rise
Which have been waiting for this hour so long
Fallen angels will come down in the earth
In your suffering eyes .The craving of fatality

Wraith of your soul .Crushed and destroy by reality
Enter the comas dreams
Find the light in the dark tunnels

Horrible nightmares, they come from reality
Black souls incarnated, for the life devastation
The shake, carrying death
Will drown this planet flames
Cracked earth, suffering's signs
Real dreams, rushed to the mankind
With hunger and pain .Tortured, tyre world
Caked gore, on rotting bones
Sheens in pale, but calm candlelight
The light of a candle
Won't rise
Sphacelate metastasized inevitable ......

Indestructible, bestial dynasty
Ruined your divine illusions
Only it's warm hands softly stroke
Stuffed your bones, dried up eyes
But you don't feel this
You're dead!
Oh god you're dead

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