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[Verse 1:]
Friday night, I jumped the line
Clubbing with my girlfriends
It's our time to shine
Throw a few bones, walk a few dogs
Hanging in the corner, drink and laugh a lot
Suddenly there's you
And my heart starts beating

Spin - everybody's doin'it
Spin - everybody's full of it
Spin - working their show time,
Cheap line, all I really want is a good time
Working their....
Spin - everybody's faking it
Spin - everybody's diggin'it
Don't give me that shop talk,
Just stop and show me what you really got

[Verse 2:]
So you got a cool ride,
You got your own crib
You work real hard,

Put your money in the jar
And you're proud of it
You better not lie, cause I ain't no fool
Spinning lies to hypnotize ain't what I do and
Suddenly there's you
And my heart's still beating

[Repeat chorus]

(I'm real) - all I want is honesty,
(I feel) when someone good is close to me
(let me know) did this moment feel like destiny?
Or just a freeze frame, mind game,
Playing with my heart

[ad libs]

Everybody's doin'it
Everybody's full of it - spin
Everybody's faking it
Everybody's diggin'it - spin

[Repeat chorus (x2)]

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