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The Party

[Verse 1]
You're like a party somebody threw me
You taste like birthday
You look like New Years
You're like a big parade through town
You leave such a mess but you're so fun

[Verse 2]
Tell all the neighbors to start knocking down walls
To grab their guitars and run out to the hall
And we're coming out right along to sing them my new song
For every place there is a bus
That'll take you where you must
Start counting all your money and friends before you come back again

[Verse 3]
For every road we can't retrace
For every memory we can't face
For every name that's been erased
Let's have another round
May I propose a little toast?
For all the ones who hurt the most
For all the friends that we have lost
Let's give them one more round of applause

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