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When it's sunny out in mid-December
(You're giving me a holiday in any weather)
I'll bake some cookies and you'll sing me a song
(And we can make an angel in our grassy lawn)

And the snow won't fall
And the fire's too hot
And when my family calls
Will I pick up or not?

And when I look at you
And you look back at me
There's nothing I would rather do
You're the most holiday-ish sight that I could see

There's not much caroling around our street, but
(If you wanna sing along with us, then keep up)
Will you creep around when I'm asleep?
(And turn my right foot stocking into a pair of feet)

(And the snow won't fall)
And the fire's too hot
(When my family calls)
Will I pick up or not?

(And when I hear your voice)
And I know you're around
(I couldn't make a better choice)
Or make a more appropriate or holiday-ish sound

And the rain could fall
Or the sun could shine
And when our families call
We'll talk to yours and mine

We'll build a gingerbread house
While we're playin' house
We'll hang our mistletoe
And eat some cookie dough

Or write a holiday song
For you to sing along
The feeling's always in the thought
So this is the most holiday-ish holiday we've got

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