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The Revelation To Mallek

Deep into the dark forest of Bordearon,
There is a strong man: Mallek from the Woods
Who found in nature
His only trustful partner.
He was able to understand the tongue of
All living creatures of the woods
The whisperings of the trees
The screaming of wild animals.
As one day, dark clouds covered the forest
Thunder broke causing fear and distress
Even the fearless Mallek took fright
Feeling the power of the upcoming storm

Then suddenly, smelling the ozone in the air
As a spooky blue light surrounded him,
He got struck by the lightening
Broken through the protecting crowns of the trees...

"I am Alean,
I am the soil you are standing on,
I am the air you breathe,
I am the water you drink,
I am all the living creatures,
Which are surrounding you.
I've chosen you,
The one who knows from all humans
The best who I am,
How I think,
How I enjoy,
How I suffer,
To be my ally in my attempt
To undo the evil brought by
The Demons of this world.
And so to destroy their messenger Zul'Dahr
For this, I will assist you
By the power of the four elements,

The powers of Earth, Fire, Water and Life
Given to you by the lightening.
So go my son and do not fear,
Together we can bring back
Peace and life in and around
The lands of Vorneas.
Life there was before,
Before evil, cruelty and death arose at this place
The man from the wood
Woke up by the strong smell
Of burned wood and flesh.
Everything around black scorched,
Still smoldering except for him.
By miracle he survived.
Very vague, he could remember
The bright white light,
A woman's face in the emptiness,
A voice...
The sky almost cleared out
Living creatures turning back to life.
Only the black spot in the forest remained
With in the middle, on this knees
A confused man.

Mallek did not understand what happened
That day in the forest.
But after this, he continued living like he used to.
Often he has been thinking,
Trying to find an explanation
About what happened that day.
But very soon he would understand
When evil will appear in front of him
And forcing him to defy his destiny.

At the very same moment Mallek got hit by the lightening,
In his stronghold, Zul'Dahr could feel a threat.

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