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Whether you're in L.A.
Sunny laid back L.A.
Whether you're in New York
Comfort 'round your block

Whether you're in the U.K.
Where the sky is dark
And the grass is kinda green
You know like Central Park

Still my favorite place in this whole wide world
Has got to be in the middle of the ocean floor
I see you poking out of the ocean, Paradise on Earth
The 50th state - WHAT?!

Ooooooh Oooh
Ooooh Oooh Oooh
I wanna live in somewhere different. Oh oh oh

A nuclear disaster might be on our way
But I don't care, I'm in the U.S.A
Whether we're drunk or stoned
or we're sober and old

if I'm with you I'm a happy man
If you feel safe and cold
while you count your gold
If your problem is you can't find

your remote control
Still my favorite person in this whole wide world
Is the woman who can understand every word
And when she speaks to me

She makes me see the world
As my favorite place...
We got it made

Oh Oh Oh Oh
Yes, I know
Can we go
By plane or boat

Oh Oh Oh Oh
Whether you take it slow or you let me go
Whether you tell me something that I did not know
Whether you're neat and polite or you scream and fight

Whether you keep something from me that I would not like
Still my favourite attitude in this world so far
Is the friendly spirit of an iron heart
I like the way folks are in this most special place

I don't care what happens I'm taking a plane
Hawaii Ha Aw Wa II !!
I said
Hawaii Ha Aw Wa II !!

I said
Hawaii Ha Aw Wa II !!
I said
Hawaii Ha Aw Wa II !!

Kauai or Oahu
Molokai or Lanai
Maui and the big guy,
A.k.a. Hawaii

Hawaii Ha Aw Wa II !!
Ha Aw Wa II !!
Ooooooh Oooh

Ooooh Oooh Oooh
All I want to do is something different
Oh let me in
Cut off from Malaysia

Back in who knows when
Oh we got
kinda lost
But my God

What a place!
I profess
Airforce Jets
Cannot take

Away my soul

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