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country star

Picture this, I'm in an English bar
With a young American country star
She's telling me all about her new guitar
She's a little bit clever, a little bit daft

A little bit happy with a broken heart
I suppose
Picture this, we're by the corner till
We've got our pints up on the windowsill

Between the dust and the daffodils
I'm a little bit dirty, she's a little bit thrilled
It's a little bit like that scene from Notting Hill
Yeah, I suppose

Picture this, I'm in a limousine
With my young American country queen
We're rolling 'round like tangerines
She's a little bit lovely

She's a little bit mean
She's a little bit taller than she is on screen
Yeah, I suppose
Well picture this, and boy we're driving fast

The paparazzis are flying past
Like rain on tinted glass, I'm a little bit common
And she's a little bit class
It's little bit longer than a dream-

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