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Lost Forever

(feat. James Blake)

Lost, have you ever been lost?
Lost, forever
And how wonderful, how wonderful

Wonderful, how wonderful (Lost)
How wonderful, how wonderful
How you are, forever
Lost on islands, driven in boat cars

Just bring your girl, feel like she both ours
Young black nigga work at the Auchans (Auchans)
So how we here trapped on the ocean?
′Bout to go up a level of disrespectful

I'm just one chain away from goin′ heavy metal
I'm just one angel away from blockin' out the devil
Just one mountain away from meetin′ all my rebels
Too much power, too many hours all in a day

I sent her flowers, ain′t talkin roses, I'm talkin′ maoda
Ask if she "Ha-ha-ha", I really doubt it (Ha-ha-ha)
Took her through the Hills at noon, she felt the—
(And how wonderful, how wonderful)

Baby girl think she in Honolu' (Wonderful)
Don′t you know you in the I-5 loop? (How wonderful)
How many chickens fit in the coupe? (How wonderful, wonderful)
Wonderful, she don't wanna leave

She jump up, bounce back like trampoline (Have you ever been lost?)
Ayo, whip the cocaine ′til the pot bust
('Til the pot bust, ah)
You was on the porch I was locked up

(I was locked up, ah)
Two-tone Maybach truck with the Maxwells
(Skrrt, Maxwells)
Think a nigga shot somethin' (Ah)

Put it to your face, watch a motherfucker blow (Boo-boo-boo-boo-boom)
Daytona, different color face on the road (Ah)
Ten on his head, he be dead by the mornin′ (By the mornin′)
I can get dirty for the stove (Ah)

Dior trench shit hang to the floor (Ah)
Dior goggles, I ain't playin′ with you hoes (Uh-uh)
Out in South Beach with the poles in the Rolls
(Skrrt, boo-boo-boo-boo-boom)

Good to see ya dudes, alligators on the toes (Ah)
Fashion week I'ma strut too, bitches (Ah)
Hundred-round drum, make a nigga go get it
(Make a nigga go get it, grrt)

Tribe go to sell a fifth, bucket while we drillin′
Had to sneak my new Glock up in Lenox (Ah)
Free Slide Grinny got Wayne Perry digits

Socks Burberry, dick sucks on the visit (Ah, brrrt)
First one to pop, first to earn the stripes
Three strikes in, twenty-five to life (Uh-uh)
Hyping up the building, hyping up the sights

Whips got the wings of angel kit
I been wanting this shit my whole life
I didn't pray for it
She want me to come into his house but I can′t kick it

She want the whole dub-dub E, but I ain't convinced
Never met her she, but she met Sheck
She don't need a prince
Took her off the O into the D, she ain′t take offense

Way we got it bouncin′ off the boards we making prints
Wait until I step into the floor and then they commence