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Tall tales that you say
I enjoy 'em always
You said you'd be mine always
Fading out, my head all high

Fading out, your love is mine
Fading out to the dark side, whoa
Take off your things, just charge in the door
Tales of a king and a queen and

Got a couple things that you need to know, oh
Tell me you won't leave
You rule the world with me
You are the one for me

Swear that I love you, swear that I trust you, babe
You say you was hurt, oh
And I believe every word, oh
You're telling me your fantasies turn reality with me

Reality with me, ay
Reality with me
Seems like a dream come true
I love the things that you do, so, yeah

Your fantasies turn reality with me
Live it
Reality with me
Live it