Page Hit

The Hate

Way too late
Way too late to be treated like this
Yeah, yeah
When the waters get deep you better tread lightly

Thought we was locked up, called bullshit like scam likely
You been around since we was kids, but really don't like me
Don't, huh
Nigga don't give me hype, I'm on bullshit

Gang say, "Take 'em to church," I'm at the pool pic
I say pull on my leg
Tell me you pulled this
Stomach's big, bubblin' up, you niggas full of shit

And I don't be tellin' the truth for 'bout you niggas
I always protect villains
I'm too good to you niggas
Sick of the high roads

I'm U-turning this bitch, 'cause you turned to a bitch
I'm too turnt for this shit
How many times I tried givin' niggas the shirt off my back?
Jumpin' through hoops, thinkin' the love is gon' come hurdlin' back

I even squabbled up and even asked you what the problem was
Same nigga turn around aks you for a fair
You prolly turned it down
I let that lady get a check

That's when the envy start eatin' you up
All my success stories keepin' you up
I just hold my, oh
High, high, high

Yeah, high, high, high, high
Yeah, high, high, high, high