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Tux On

(Derek Dick, Mark Kelly, Steve Rothery, Peter Trewavas, Ian Mosley)

Tux on, tux on, tux on, tux on, tux on

It was eyes down at the bingo on that lucky friday night
The match was rained off Saturday but the panel came in right
And on Sunday your mates were toasting you with champagne down the pub
And on Monday you went to London to pick the cheque up with your mum

You had a tux on, mmm, you had a tux on
The first time you had a tux on, lucky man

There's a photo on the mantlepiece, when you bought your first guitar
And your girlfriend came to see you when you were the rising star
You knew your luck was holding when you filled the local hall
The first time and the last time that you thought you had control

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