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False peace
None my friend in word
Batteling bards
None my friend in word
Ill nature comes to pass
War gods
Ill nature comes to pass

Untame venomtongue
No ward on words of blaming tongue
Stinging venom song
No heart, no hope for venomtongue
No heart, no hope for venomtongue

In dismay the One-Eyed gazes
With a grave brow
On the friendship of old
With a bleeding heart
In eyes of cold
Hating, despising

Dawned decay of bloodline alliance
No use to dwell
On a friendship of old
Let the elder spite
and disgrace unfold
Blaming, lying


With the guts of your long gone son
Tearing fangs
On the guts of your long gone son
Come the holy hammers woe
Bones undone
From the holy hammers woe

Recorded at Sifa Lydstudio, Kopervik, Norway
during June, July & August 2003
Produced by Frode & Gerhard
Engineered by Inge Eriksen
Mixed by Børge Finstad, Frode & Gerhard
at Top Room Studio, Hadeland, Norway
Mastered at Masterhuset, Oslo, Norway

Design & layout by Gerhard
Band-photo by Kari Svendsbø

All music by Gerhard except
Einherjermarsjen & Ironbound by Gerhard & Aksel
Dead Knight's Rite & Hammar Haus by Gerhard & Frode
All lyrics by Frode except
Hammar Haus, Starkad & Venomtongue by Gerhard
Ride The Gallows is based on Runatal (Håvamål 140 - 144)
Starkad is based on the legend of Starkad the Old
Bass on this recording by Aksel
Solo on Venomtongue by Jostein Marø
All keyboard arrangements programmed by Gerhard
Total running time - 60:15

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