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Weather Reports

Well I left my baby,
For a dream as lovely;
For a love that's only in books I read.
And then I hit the city;
Spent all my money.
I just left my whole life in a taxi cab,
'Cause it's just a memory,
I can love completely.
When you're really with me,
I'm indifferent.

But I try,
To get my head clear.
It's too full of ideas,
That I hadn't thought of yet.

And time,
Clocks keep wavin' their hands.
Doing all that they can,
To get our attention.
But the days fly away,
Down a clean interstate.

I'm starin' drunk at a map.

So I let my hair down,
For the second time now.
For the final time now.
I've had my fun,
But there's no returnin',
From the places we've been.
Just repeat our slogan:
"Never again."

So you split.
Said you had to get out.
Headed back to the south,
Where everything's gentler.
I stayed for a couple weeks more.
All the weather reports,
Said there will be snow for sure.
But the storm moved away,
To a neighboring state.
I started to call...

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