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Wit the Shits (W.T.S)

C-Sick, C-Sick, C-Sick

Uh, shawty was frontin', now she throw that pussy at me (Throwin' that pussy)
Told her meet me at the clearport, she got happy (She got hyped)
Nigga, you don't want these problems, Lil Scrappy (You don't want problems)
If you talk, when you see me, just don't dap me, for real
Back on my savage shit, got that pussy off accident (Yeah)
Fuckin' these ratchet bitches, stay on her knee like Kaepernick, yeah
I just been havin' it, lovin' this money, I'm passionate, yeah
Once I fuck like Meechy, hoe, give you my ass to kiss, pause
Nigga said he hit my hoe, so what?
Nigga, I hit that too, yeah
She said she don't swallow, grow up
This shit grown-ups do, uh
I'ma put a check on your bitch ass
Homie gon' spin back through, yeah
Catch you on the block while you slippin' with the gang
Turn your whole shit Piru-ru
Get some pussy on a plane (On a plane)
This the type shit that I do (I do)
Who your WCW? (Who dat?)
The the type of hoes I screw (I screw)
This the type of hoes I got (I got)
New Hermes flip flops (Sheesh)
If ain't got no time for the hoe and I really like her, she'll get a wrist watch (Gang)

Do a split on the dick (Do a split)
If you really with the shits, lil' bitch (Lil' bitch)
She ask her friends (What?), "Should I let him hit?" (What they say?)
She say, "Girl, you better fuck him if he rich"
He gettin' it, bad bitch, hittin' it (Whoa)
New foreign, whippin it (Skrt)
Blue face, crippin' it (Crippin' it)
I go all day, count them Benjamins (Benjis)
I'm rich, really is
You sick, syphilis (Yeah, uh)

¿Quién es la mami que manda?
No tienes mula so yo te di banda'
'Tamos fuma'o de la ganja
Pila de tigueres, rabia con alma
I let them eat up the nana, dip on a nigga, like, "See you
Baddest lil' bitch in my genre
I got your baby dad fuckin' up commas
Icy, icy, icy, drip all on me, watch me when I move (When I move)
If you like 'em freaky, baby, she could come here, too (For real?)
You could eat this pussy while I watch her fuckin' you
Call that hoe a Uber when we done, it's up to you (Oh, yeah)
Who your MCM? Bitch, I make him swipe
I won't mention these hoes, I might give them life
I just want the head, you can't spend the night (Oh my god)
Kissin' him sloppy, callin' him papi, that shit get him hype (Que perro)

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