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One of my best girls went and got a boo all of a sudden
Damn, and I can't even do nothinWhat I'm s'posed to do, tell her don't be happy?
So that I can keep comin' around
How messed up would that be?
So I'm chillinBut I must admit, I'm kind of mad
Ain't every day you find one like that
Beautiful body with a brain to match
Make a fella start feeling attached
No filter fine, body, soul and mind
Any man can't see that, he must be blind
I'm Ray Charles with mine
So I missed the train
The only thing left to say is...
Kinda sucks that we can't be what we were
But congratulations, baby I won't hate
I'm glad you found a man that treats you like you deserved
Single and happy, that's where I'm at

And she wasn't ever approving of that
She wanted me to give her more
But I told her though, ain't long ago
A relationship, I wasn't lookin' for
In and out of town and always on the road
But when I hit that city I called her though
And that's wrong, so wrong
She waited for me to come around so long, so long
And now that wifey material is wifey material
And if you ain't ready, the wife gotta let it go
I wasn't, he was though
[Chorus x2]
I can't, give up, what I don't got
So I got to let him, have her, like it or not
Like she deserves
Like she deserves
[Chorus x2]

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