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Yeah, Leandoer
Thirty towns, thirty ounce, I won't peek at you
Movin' slow, my coke came from Peru

Yellow-black bracelet look like Pikachu (Like Pikachu)
Stone-cold my Stone Island, posted on the roof (Roof)
Ayy, cocaína in the nose, spend a fortune
Shawty bad, shawty bad, yeah, she gorgeous

Red bottom sky, red bottoms but they orange
She want that Leandoer, these other boys be borin' (Borin')
Tell her when she want me in the morning (What you want?)
Keep a chainsaw and a stack in my storage

Ayy, hang with me, I make you fortunes, go
My style ain't got no father like an orphan
Got your eyes and your smile, but I don't feel like you
See the buildings, they fallin', it's all for her

Pledge allegiance to myself, know what to do
Pledge allegiance to what we started, it's all I do
She stand nude in the hallway
High heels and some Balmains

So much drama like Broadway
I can't say a word
Fuck what they all say
Made of steel but my heart breaks

I will take care of her (Lean)
Thirty towns, thirty ounce, I won't peek at you (Won't peek at you)
Movin' slow, my coke came from Peru (Peru)
Yellow-black bracelet look like Pikachu (Like Pikachu)

Stone-cold my Stone Island, posted on the roof (On the roof)
She sing my songs, but she only know the chorus (Sing, sing, sing)
Wanna hang with us, you need a warrant (Warrant)
We can go anywhere, Dora Explorer (Dora, uh)

My boys burnin' trees like the forest

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